5 Tips For Keeping Your Pantry Kid-Friendly (Without Sacrificing Your Sanity)

If you have kids, then you know that the pantry can quickly become a disaster zone. From cereal boxes that won’t close to half-empty boxes of crackers, it can be hard to keep your pantry organized and kid-friendly.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! With a few simple tips, you can easily keep your pantry organized and stress-free. Here are 5 tips for keeping your pantry kid-friendly (without sacrificing your sanity)!

Don’t try to hide the snacks – they will find them.

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is trying to hide snacks from their kids. They think that by putting the snacks in a high cabinet or in the back of the pantry, their kids won’t be able to find them. But trust me, kids are like super sniffers when it comes to food. They can smell a package of chips from a mile away and they will stop at nothing to find them. So instead of trying to hide the snacks, put them in a designated spot that is within your child’s reach. This way, they can help themselves and you won’t have to worry about them making a mess.

Keep the good stuff up high.

One way to keep your pantry organized and your kids happy is to keep the good stuff up high. Put the snacks that you want your kids to eat in an easily accessible spot, like a lower cabinet. Then, put the less healthy snacks and treat foods up high. This way, your kids will have to ask you for the snacks that they want and you can easily control what they’re eating.

Go natural – kids love anything that comes in a package.

Another way to make your pantry more kid-friendly is to go natural. Kids love anything that comes in a package, so ditch the processed snacks and opt for healthy, whole foods instead. Some great options include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Not only are these snacks healthier for your kids, but they’re also less likely to make a mess.

Be prepared to sacrifice some of your favorites.

If you want to keep your pantry kid-friendly, you may have to sacrifice some of your favorite snacks. For example, if you love salty snacks, you may want to keep them out of reach or put them in a designated spot that’s just for you. This way, you can still enjoy your favorite snacks without your kids getting their hands on them.

Use your pantry as a teaching opportunity.

Finally, use your pantry as a teaching opportunity. If you want your kids to eat healthily, take the time to show them what a healthy snack looks like. Explain why certain foods are better for them than others. And let them help you choose snacks for the week. By involving your kids in the process, you’ll not only make your pantry more kid-friendly, but you’ll also teach them valuable lessons about nutrition.

Having kids adds an extra challenge when it comes to pantry organization, but with the tips above hopefully that process goes a little smoother! However, if you find that your pantry is in a constant state of despair, it might be time to bring in the professionals. They can help design a pantry layout that works best for your family, one that will be easier to keep clean because it works with your needs!